Friday, September 24, 2010

Shari Belafonte (Harper/Behrens)

Shari actually began behind the camera (believe it or not) as a freelance production assistant, moving on to a job as Assistant to the Publicist at Hanna-Barbera, the animation studio!
She moonlighted as a fashion model, then dropped her day job altogether to appear in Calvin Klein commercials which led to offers for film and tv work!
Besides tv guest-star and featured film roles, Shari was a regular on the Hotel tv series as Julie Gilette. as well as co-hosting the series Lifestyles with Robin Leach.

With her devotion to personal fitness (including endorsing only diet and nutrition products she personally uses), Shari posed for Playboy magazine at the age of 45, displaying a superbly-toned body many twenty-somethings would be proud to have!
But don't think she's just a pretty face (and amazing body)!
She donates much time and energy to worthy causes including as interantional spokesperson for the Starlight Children's Foundation!

After several years away from national tv or film work, Shari recently appeared on Nip / Tuck. and Miami Medical.
Hopefully the first of many new roles for this femme fantastique!

Trivia: Shari is the daughter of legendary singer / actor Harry Belafonte.
She's recorded several albums, most of which were released only in Europe, and command high prices on eBay!
Genre appearances include...
The District"The Project"
Babylon 5: ThirdSpace(Elizabeth Trent)
Mars(Doc Halliday)
Real Adventures of Johnny Quest"Other Space"
Sonic the Hedgehog(Lupé the Wolf)
Beyond Reality(Laura Wingate)
Fire, Ice & Dynamite(Serena)
Velvet (Julie Rhodes)
Perry Mason "Case of the All-Star Assassin"
Gravedale High (Blanche)
Murder by Numbers(Lisa)
Midnight Hour(Melissa Cavender)
Matt Houston"New Orleans Nightmare"
TimeWalker aka Being from Another Planet (Linda Flores)
ABC Weekend Special "Big Hex of Little Lulu"
Check out...
There are NO sites devoted to this amazing woman!
Has the world gone mad?
If anyone knows of a site, please e-mail me and I'll update this entry!

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