Saturday, August 28, 2010

Devon Edwenna Aoki

Model-turned-actress Devon Aoki has a rather unique filmography; every film she's done is genre!

To her credit, she takes her roles seriously, training extensively in whatever skills are needed to be convincing on-screen.
She's had martial arts conditioning and training in a number of disciplines, depending on what was required for a given project and even learned to drive after being cast for 2 Fast 2 Furious!
The results speak for themselves...

Genre credits include...
Mutant Chronicles(Valerie Duval)
War aka Rogue Assassin (Kira Yanagawa)
Sean Lennon's Friendly Fire "Wait for Me" (Mermaid)
Sin City/ Sin City 2 (Miho)
D.E.B.S.[2004] (Dominique)

Check out...

Other actresses to play Dominique include...
Shanti Lowry in D.E.B.S.[2003]

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