Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bai Ling / Ling Bai

Despite some first-rate on-screen performances (Red Corner, Dumplings), Bai Ling is best known for her off-screen antics, including posing in Playboy June, 2005 (which probably resulted in her character being cut from Star Wars III) and her current hook-up with Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke!
Genre appearances include...
Gene Generation(Michelle)
Back to Hell (Zilla)
62 PickUp (Suzy Wong)
Petty Cash (Coco)
Lazarus Papers (Kyo)
Circle of Pain (Victoria Ruala)
Gauntlet (Kim Lee)
Magic Man (Samantha)
Locked Down (Flores)
Crank 2: High Voltage(Ria)
LOST "Stranger in a Strange Land" (Achara)
SouthLand Tales(Serpentine)
Nomad: the Warrior(Gaukhar)
Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith
(Senator Bana Breemu [scene cut from theatrical release, included as "deleted scene" on dvd, character officially part of Expanded Universe])
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow(Mysterious Woman)
Three Extremes segment "Dumplings" [edited version of feature Dumplings] (Mei)
Jake 2.0 "Cater Waiter"
Code Hunter[aka Storm Watch] (Skylar)
The Breed(Lucy Westenra)
Shaolin Soccer(Mui [voice dubbed American version])
Lost Empire[aka Legend of the Monkey King] (Kwan Ying)
Angel "She" (Jhiera)
Wild, Wild West(Miss East)
Touched by an Angel "Spirit of Liberty Moon" (Jean Chang)
Dead WeekEnd(Amelia A)
The Crow(Myca)

Trivia: Both Bai and fellow LOSTie Michelle Rodriguez have starred in films titled The Breed, though the two films are not related in any way!

Check out...
Her Official WebSite
Her(?) blog

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