Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sarah Kate Silverman

The ultimate geek-girl, whom guys both lust after and want to hang out and play video games with! (just ask Jimmy Kimmel!)
Genre appearances include...
Sarah Silverman Program (Sarah Silverman)
Monk (Marci Maven)
Futurama: Bender's Big Score / Futurama "The Cryonic Woman" (Michelle)
Drawn Together "The Other Cousin" (Bleh)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force "RoboSitter" (RoboSitter)
Greg the Bunny (Alison Kaiser)
Evolution (Denise)
Star Trek Voyager "Future's End" Parts 1 & 2 (Rain Robinson)
JAG "Blind Side" (Lt. Schiparelli)
Check out...
Sarah's MySpace Page
Sarah Silverman Online (the "ultimate source for all things Sarah", according to themselves)
Other actresses who've played Michelle:
Futurama "Space Pilot 3000" [pilot episode] (Kath Soucie)

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