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Tamera Darvette Mowry & Tia Dashon Mowry Hardrict

There's even MORE Mowry Pix
Tamera and Tia are identical twins who've appeared in multiple films and tv series playing (surprise) twins!
Their big break came when they were cast in the popular tv series Sister, Sister, about twins, separated at birth, adopted by different families, and accidentally reunited 14 years later.
Since the show ended, the duo have pursued mostly solo projects, but appeared together from time to time, and guest-starred on each others' series.
Both actresses have done animation voice work, but only worked together once, playing good and evil versions of the same character in Adventures of HyperMan!
Both ladies are regulars on recent tv series; Tamera starred in RoomMates, and Tia's one of the stars of BET's The Game.
Though they've been doing separate projects, the twins reunited on-camera for a pilot in 2010, Tia & Tamera: Take 2 on the Style Network. Curiously, it aired only once, although Style, like most cable channels, tends to rerun shows, even specials, to death! (If anyone TIVOed ot DVDed it, please e-mail me! I'd love to see it!)
They finally got the series off the ground and it starts airing August 8th, featuring a pregnant Tia!
Tamera is the older sister, by two minutes.
The twins performed the theme song to Sister, Sister on one season's credits sequence. (The theme changed each season)
They've appeared with their younger brother Tahj in numerous projects, including Full House and his own series, Smart Guy.

Genre appearances include... (entries with an "[M]" indicate both Mowry twins appear in project)
Tamera Mowry
Hollywood Horror (Allison) [M]
Super Hero Squad Show(Misty Knight)
Family Guy(Esther)
Twitches / Twitches Too
(Camryn Elizabeth Barnes aka Cami aka Apolla) [M]
Seventeen Again(Cat Donovan [as teen]) [M]
Adventures of HyperMan (Emma C. Squared) [M]
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
"Tale of the Chameleons"
(Evil Chameleon)
Tia Mowry
Hollywood Horror (Kendra) [M]
Bratz [2005-07] (Sasha)
Twitches / Twitches Too
(Alexandra Nichole Fieldling aka Alex aka Artemis) [M]
Seventeen Again(Sydney Donovan) [M]
Adventures of HyperMan (Bad Emma) [M]

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Other actresses to play Cat Donovan include...
Hope Clarke [as elderly Cat] in Seventeen Again
Other actresses to play Sasha include...
Logan Browning in Bratz the Movie
Doria Bell in Bratz Super-Babyz

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