Friday, August 13, 2010

Ellen Wong

Went to a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs the World.
Enjoyed it tremendously. (Admittedly, I've not read the graphic novel series [yet], so any variances from "canon" went right by me...)
But one thing surprised me.
While Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers was cute, the REAL "hot babe" was geekgirl Knives Chau played by newcomer Ellen Wong!
Now there was a woman worth fighting for! (Not that she couldn't do it herself!)
Curiously, there's very little out there about Ellen. The most comprehensive bio is on the Scott Pilgrim movie website,  where you discover that one of her favorite actresses is fellow Fantastic Femme Michelle Yeoh!
Ellen's genre credits include...
Unnatural History "Heart of the Warrior" (Hoshi)
This IS WonderLand(Amy Li)
Note: there is at least one other Ellen Wong in the entertainment business, a makeup artist with extensive credits.

Check out...
FanSite for Ellen Wong :) (FanSite)

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