Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Natalie Hershlag (Portman)

Natalie's gone from a child actress / action heroine to a delicately-featured ingenue /action heroine to a first-rate, Oscar-nominated, actress / action heroine!
Presently spokesperson/model for Chanel.
Has taken serious acting challenges with roles in films like Goya's Ghosts.
Genre Credits include...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Elizabeth Bennett)
[Note] There are rumors Natalie has dropped playing Bennett, but will continue with Producer duties.
Black Swan (Nina)
 Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)
Your Highness (Isabel)
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (Molly Mahoney)
Star Wars I: the Phantom Menace, Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, and Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (Queen [later Senator] Padme Amidala)
V for Vendetta (Evey Hammond)
Mars Attacks (Taffy Dale)
The Professional [aka Leon] (Mathilda)

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Padme Amidala is voice-performed in the two Clone Wars animated series by Grey DeLisle (2003-2005) and; Catherine Taber (2008-2009). Taber also played Amidala's mother Leia Organa in the videogame Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
Jane Foster has also been portrayed by...
Peg Dixon in the Mighty Thor segments of 1966's Marvel Super-Heroes

Monday, August 30, 2010

Margaret Denise Quigley

An American who went to Japan and then to Hong Kong to became a supermodel, Maggie Q caught the eyes of HK movie producers who cast her despite the fact that she didn't speak any Chinese at the time! (She's since learned both Cantonese and Mandarin.)
She still models, but tv and films are now her priority. In fact, she's starring in a new tv series; Nikita!
Most of her film roles are action-oriented, but she's also performed in romances, dramas, and comedies.
Maggie is a spokesperson for PETA in Asia.
Genre appearances include...
Young Justice (Wonder Woman)
Priest (Priestess)
Nikita (Nikita)
King of Fighters (Mai Shiranui)
Warrior & the Wolf (Harran Woman)
Operation: EndGame aka Rogue's Gallery (High Priestess)
Need for Speed: Undercover[VG] (Chase Linh)
Deception (Tina)
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (Cao Ying)
Balls of Fury (Maggie)
Live Free or Die Hard (Mai)
Mission: Impossible III (Zhen)
Dragon Heat aka Dragon Squad (Yuet)
Around the World in 80 Days[2004] (Female Agent)
Naked Weapon (Charlene Ching)
Rush Hour 2 (Girl in Car)
Manhattan Midnight (Susan & Hope [twin sisters])
Gen-Y Cops (Jane Quigley)
Model from Hell (Anna)

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The Maggie Q Information Resource, another FanSite
A FaceBook FanPage (not official)
PETA Asia's Maggie Q Page
Other actresses to play Nikita include:
Peta Wilson in La Femme Nikita (tv)
Bridget Fonda in Point of No Return
Anne Parillaud in La Femme Nikita

Other Actresses to play Mai Shiranui include...
Sarah Sawatsky (English) & Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese) in Fatal Fury: the Motion Picture / Fatal Fury 2
Akoya Sogi in literally all the video games!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Halle Berry (Justice/Benét)

Academy Award-winning actress with a number of genre credits. Doesn't feel "popcorn" movies are beneath her...
Great acting range from comedy to drama.
A bit weak as an action heroine, though she has improved. Was very good in X-Men: the Last Stand and Die Another Day and , but Catwoman had too much CGI "stuntwork" and not enough of her in action!
Genre Credits:
Dark Tide (Kate Mathieson)
X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: the Last Stand
(Storm aka Ororo Munroe)
Catwoman, Catwoman the Video Game
(Catwoman aka Patience Phillips)
Die Another Day [20th Eon James Bond 007 film]
(Giacinita "Jinx" Johnson)
Perfect Stranger (Rowena Price)
Gothika (Miranda Gray)
Solomon & Sheba (Nikhaule/Queen Sheba)
SwordFish (Ginger Knowles) 
They Came From Outer Space "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" (Rene)
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
(Dorothy Dandridge as Melmendi, Queen of the Ashuba in Tarzan's Peril)
The Flintstones (Miss Sharon Stone)
Robots (Cappy)
Check out...
Her Official WebSite
Mesmerizing Halle Berry (FanSite)
HalleBerryFan (FanSite)
Other actresses to play Storm / Ororo Munroe (voices on animated versions)...
Susan Dalian (Wolverine and the X-Men)
Kirsten Williamson (X-Men: Evolution)
Alison Sealy-Smith (Spider-Man, X-Men) [Replaced Iona Morris]
Iona Morris (Spider-Man, X-Men)
Andi Chapman (X-Men "Pryde of the X-Men") [pilot]
I'm not sure who did Storm / Ororo Munroe in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends eps "A Firestar Is Born", "The Education of a Superhero" and "The X-Men Adventure"
Storm /Ororo Munroe voice actresses in videogames include Dawnn Lewis, Debra Wilson, Tangie Ambrose, Alison Sealy-Smith, Cheryl Carter, Catherine Disher,
Other actresses to play Catwoman...
Halle is the only actress to play Catwoman / Patience Phillips.
All the other previous actresses played Catwoman / Selina Kyle, so I'm not going to list them!
(Hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want!)

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