Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marsha Thomason (Sykes)

British actress who came to the colonies after regular roles in several Brit-tv series.
Was a regular on Las Vegas and Easy Money, and had a multi-episode arc on LOST as well as returing in the "sideways" universe in the show's final season.
Marsha's currently a semi-regular on several series including Make It or Break It and White Collar!
Genre appearances include
Into the Blue 2: the Reef(Azra Tate)
White Collar(Diana Lancing)
LOST(Naomi Dorrit)
Life"The Business of Miracles"
Long Time Dead(Lucy)
Messiah V: the Rapture(Mel Palmer)
Black Knight(Victoria / Nicole)
Disney's Haunted Mansion(Sara Evers)

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