Monday, March 29, 2010

Lacey Nicole Chabert

Though she started out as a singer on Star Search, Lacey quickly discovered a talent for acting and made it her primary career.
She appeared on Broadway in Les Miserables, then moved to daytime tv on All My Children, then to prime-time on Party of Five, playing her best-known role; Claudia Salinger.
Since then, she's done quite a bit of animation voice work, including Meg Griffin on Family Guy's first season and Gwen Stacy on Spectacular Spider-Man, as well as a variety of featured movie roles and tv guest appearances.
Genre appearances include...
The Lost (Jane)
Spectacular Spider-Man (Gwen Stacy)
Chaotic (Krystella)
RayMan: the Animated Series (Betina)
Ghost Whisperer "Love Still Won't Die"
Black Christmas [2006] (Dana Mathis)
Family Guy [1999-2000] (Meg Griffin)
Lost in Space [1998] (Penny Robinson)
American Dragon: Jake Long (Jasmine)
Disney's Hercules "Hercules and the Kids"
When Secrets Kill (Jenny Newhall)
Ahhh!!! Real Monsters (Tiffany)
Disney's Gargoyles (Bobbi Porter)

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Other actresses to play Meg Griffin include...
Rachel MacFarlane in Family Guy "Death Has a Shadow" (Pilot)
Mila Kunis in Family Guy[2000-Present]
Tara Strong (singing voice) in Family Guy

Other actresses to play Gwen Stacy include...
Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3
Mary Kay Bergman in Spider-Man [1998]

Other actresses to play Penny Robinson include...
Angela Cartwright in Lost in Space [1965-68]

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