Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indira Varma

It's fascinating how many British actresses are appearing in US tv series, usually using very-well done American accents.
Not Indira Varma.
She may do upper-crust. She may do Cockney. She may do Desi. But she doesn't do American.
She does do a helluva lot of genre, though!
From her current stint on Game of Thrones to several major BBC sci-fi and detective series, Indira's made herself known both for her acting versatility and her sheer on-screen presence, including tastefully-done nude scenes in the cable series Rome and feature film Kama Sutra: a Tale of Love. (Hey, I'm only human!)
Genre appearances include...
Game of Thrones (Ellaria Sand)
World Without End [2012] (Mattie Wise)
Human Target (Ilsa Pucci)
Quatermass Experiment[2005] (Judith Carroon)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries "In the Blink of an Eye"
Bones "Yanks in the UK"
Law & Order: Criminal Intent "Assassin"
Basic Instinct 2 (Denise Glass)
Torchwood (Suzie Costello)
Luther (Zoe Luther)
Hustle (DCI Lucy Britford)

Check out..
There are NO sites dedicated to this talented and beautiful actress?
If anyone knows of one, please contact me. I'll be more than happy to list it!
Other actresses to play Judith Caroon include...
Isabel Dean in Quatermass Experiment [1953]
Margia Dean in Quatermass Xperiment aka Creeping Unknown
Note: the two Deans are not related.

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