Monday, October 29, 2012

Jamie Jilynn Chung

For someone who made her debut on MTV's Real World, Jamie Chung has proven that even that pit of vapidness can produce talented alumni!
Though she's done primarily action/genre roles (like I'm complaining?), Jamie's also performed in more mainstream flicks like Burning Palms and Grown Ups.
(The only thing I'm complaing about is why Samurai Girl isn't available on DVD/Blu-Ray!)
Genre appearances include...
Once Upon a Time (Mulan)
7500 (Suzy Lee)
Man with the Iron Fists (Lady Silk)
Knife Fight (Kerstin)
Eden (Eden)
Premium Rush (Nima)
Sucker Punch! (Amber)
Princess Protection Program (Chelsea Barnes)
Samurai Girl (Heaven Kogo)
Sorority Row[2009](Clarie)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

PHANTOM LADY in "Army of the Walking Dead"

It's almost Halloween, so here's some Matt Baker "good girl" art! Plus: Zombies! Doctor Crime!
The splash page of the story is the inside cover of the comic, with only two colors.
Oh, did we mention ZOMBIES???
"America comes first, even before Dad!"--Phantom Lady's Words to Live By!
Doctor Crime (not to be confused with The Crime Doctor), despite being the first supervillain the Fox incarnation of Phantom Lady fought, never returned.
When this story from Fox's Phantom Lady #15 (1947) was reprinted as the cover feature in IW's Great Action Comics #8 (1958), the splash page was left out, because the reprint publisher didn't have the cover printing plates, only the interior plates for this issue!
As a result, the editor retitled the story "The Zombie".
The new cover was a combination of two redrawn story panels and a badly-rendered (and mis-colored) Phantom Lady.
The new cover art is attributed in the Grand Comics Database to Jack Abel and Sol Brodsky.

featuring goodies emblazoned with cover art that Fredric Wertham railed against in Seduction of the Innocent.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

PussyCat: Agent of S.C.O.R.E. "Mirthful Misadventures of a Naughty Nonsensical Nymphet!"

If Austin Powers had a sister in the Swingin' 60s, she would have been...
...our favorite, funtastic, femme Agent of S.C.O.R.E.!

This tale originally appeared in Stag Annual #3 (1966), but this is from the one-shot PussyCat (1968) that reprinted her stories from various "laddy" magazines published by Martin Goodman, who also owned Marvel Comics.
The writer and artist are officially-unknown, but the scripter is probably Stan Lee or Larry Lieber, and the artist(s) probably include Stan Goldberg, Al Hartley, and Bill Ward.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indira Varma

It's fascinating how many British actresses are appearing in US tv series, usually using very-well done American accents.
Not Indira Varma.
She may do upper-crust. She may do Cockney. She may do Desi. But she doesn't do American.
She does do a helluva lot of genre, though!
From her current stint on Game of Thrones to several major BBC sci-fi and detective series, Indira's made herself known both for her acting versatility and her sheer on-screen presence, including tastefully-done nude scenes in the cable series Rome and feature film Kama Sutra: a Tale of Love. (Hey, I'm only human!)
Genre appearances include...
Game of Thrones (Ellaria Sand)
World Without End [2012] (Mattie Wise)
Human Target (Ilsa Pucci)
Quatermass Experiment[2005] (Judith Carroon)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries "In the Blink of an Eye"
Bones "Yanks in the UK"
Law & Order: Criminal Intent "Assassin"
Basic Instinct 2 (Denise Glass)
Torchwood (Suzie Costello)
Luther (Zoe Luther)
Hustle (DCI Lucy Britford)

Check out..
There are NO sites dedicated to this talented and beautiful actress?
If anyone knows of one, please contact me. I'll be more than happy to list it!
Other actresses to play Judith Caroon include...
Isabel Dean in Quatermass Experiment [1953]
Margia Dean in Quatermass Xperiment aka Creeping Unknown
Note: the two Deans are not related.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cathleen Roxanne Rigby (Mason / McCoy)

A two-time Olympian, best known for playing Peter Pan in a long-running production that played Broadway and numerous national tours, Cathy Rigby has also been Dorothy in a national tour of Wizard of Oz.
Among gymnastics aficionados, she's notorious for being the first woman to pose nude in Sports Illustrated!
A multiple-exposure image of Rigby on the balance beam was included on the Voyager Space Probe's Golden Record as an example of the range of a human body's motion.
Previously-unpublished photos from the infamous Sports Illustrated photoshoot have surfaced at this NSFW site HERE on the 40th Anniversary of the publication of the Sports Illustrated issue.
Genre credits include...
Peter Pan [2000] (Peter Pan)
Six Million Dollar Man "Love Song for Tanya"
Police Woman "Beautiful Die Young"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Joan Chong Chen aka Chen Chong

Joan Chen's first genre work was guest starring in numerous tv series during the late 1980s.
She created a buzz among fanboys (and fangirls) for her physically-grueling performance in The Blood of Heroes, and then hit the big-time as the mysterious Josie Packard in Twin Peaks.
Unfortunately, this resulted in her becoming typecast as an "enigmatic exotic beauty".

Feeling her acting choices were becoming limited, Joan turned to other aspects of filmmaking, resulting in her first project as director and co-writer, Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl!
Critical acclaim and numerous awards have been showered on the film itself and her work on it.
She continues to act, direct and produce.
Joan made a return to genre with appearances on Fringe and the most recent version of Journey to the West.

Trivia: A rock band named itself Xiu Xiu in honor of the awrd-winning film!

Genre appearances include...
Fringe "Immortality"
Journey to the West [2010] (Guan Yin)
Avatar [2004] aka Cyber Wars aka Matrix Hunter (Madame Org)
Purple Storm (Shirley Chen)
Outer Limits [1998] "Phobos Rising"
Judge Dredd (Ilsa Hayden)
The Hunted (Kirina)
On Deadly Ground (Masu)
Tales from the Crypt "Food for Thought"
Steel Justice (Nicole Loa)
Nightmare Cafe "Pilot"
Twin Peaks / Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (Jocelyn Packard aka Josie)
Wedlock aka DeadLock (Noelle)
The Blood of Heroes aka Salute of the Jugger (Kidda)
The Night Stalker aka The Man Who Could Not Be Killed (Mai Wing)
WiseGuy "All or Nothing"
MacGyver "Golden Triangle"
Miami Vice "Golden Triangle"
Note: the two "Golden Triangle" episodes are not related.
Joan plays different characters in each.

Knight Rider "Knight of the Drones"
Matt Houston "Target: Miss World"

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ayesha Dharker

An amazingly-versatile actress, equally at home doing comedy like Outsourced, drama like City of Joy, or genre / action.
There's not much out there about her personal life.
Apparently, Ayesha lets her growing body of work speak for itself. No complaints there! I've enjoyed her in everything I've seen her in, and look forward to her next appearance, genre or not.
She's currently starring in the period-piece (1950s) BBC-TV series The Indian Doctor, playing the title character's wife, Kamini Sharma.

Genre appearances include...
War Within aka Red Alert: the War Within (Radhakka)
Doctor Who"Planet of the Ood"
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones(Queen Jamillia)
Waking the Dead"Subterraneans"
Arabian Nights[2000] (Coral Lips)
Terrorist aka Theeveravaathi (Malli)
Manika, une vie plus tard(Manika Kallatil)

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