Thursday, June 23, 2011

CAVE GIRL in "Man Who Served Death"

Note: racial / ethnic stereotypes common to the 1950s in this story.
May be NSFW.
Another exciting adventure featuring Gardner Fox and Bob Powell's leopard-skin-clad adventuress, this time from Thun'da #3!
You'll note that the original concept of a prehistoric Lost World-type setting had been jettisoned in favor of the more-or-less standard African jungle with evil and/or idiot White hunters creating trouble.
Presumably, this was done to facilitate a potential movie serial deal like the one made for Cave Girl's companion strip Thun'da. which Fox and Powell were also handling since it's creator and original artist, Frank Frazetta, had quit when the series' editorial direction was abruptly changed! (Following standard editorial practice of the period, he had not retained copyright or editorial control of the character.)
The occasional lost ancient city or lone prehistoric beast would still pop up, but the emphasis was on a present-day "darkest Africa" motif which would remain both in her Thun'da backup tales and her own short-lived title.
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