Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carmen Elizabeth Ejogo (Tricky/Wright)

You'd think British citizen Carmen Ejogo was fated to work in genre media since she began her career as a kid's tv host on Saturday Disney!
Though almost half of her roles have been genre, she's best known for her performance in the title role in the mini-series Sally Hemmings: An American Scandal (released on DVD as Sally Hemmings: An American Love Story.)
Carmen is also an accomplished vocalist and has appeared in several videos.
She's currently in the now-cancelled CBS action-adventure series CHAOS.
Trivia: The series Kidnapped, which Carmen co-starred in made history as the first network series to finish it's run on the Internet! (Cancelled after only five episodes aired, the remaining eight episodes were posted, one a week, until the series' conclusion. They're available on the DVD box-set.)
She re-teamed with Kidnapped co-stars Jeremy Sisto and Linus Roache when she guest-starred on Law & Order, where Sisto and Roche were now regulars!
Genre appearances include...
Zero Hour (Rebecca 'Beck' Riley)
Alex Cross (Maria Cross)
CHAOS (Fay Carson)
Law & Order Season 18 "Burn Card"
Perfume aka Dress to Kill (Chloe)
Kidnapped (Turner)
Cold Lazarus (Blinda)
The Avengers [1996] (Brenda)
Saturday Disney (Host / Presenter)

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