Friday, April 8, 2011

Tyra Lynne Banks

For many fans (myself included), Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and Victoria's Secret catalogues would be "fantasy" enough, but Tyra Banks has done actual genre work, including horror, fantasy, and animation!
More in-demand than ever, she does a daily show (The Tyra Banks Show), a weekly series (America's Next Top Model) and guest appearances on various series and annual shows (including Victoria's Secret Fashion Show).
Genre appearances include...
Eight Crazy Nights (Voice of Victoria's Secret Gown)
Halloween: Resurrection (Nora)
Life-Size (Eve)
New York UnderCover (Natasha Clayborne)
Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast (Herself)

Check out...
Her WebSite
Her daily show's website
Her daily show's MySpace page
America's Next Top Model Official WebPage
Tyra's charitable organization TZone
(You can Google the Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret pages yourself)

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