Monday, April 4, 2011

Olga Konstantinovna Kurylenko

A model-turned-genre actress, Olga had extensive dance training during her childhood and teen years, which enables her to do convincing action sequences.
Olga's tri-lingual; Russian, French, and English.
While her created-for-the-film character, Camille Montes Rivera, appears in the video game version of Quantum of Solace, curiously, the characters she plays in films-based-on-video games HitMan and Max Payne didn't exist in the original games!

Genre appearances include...
Singularity (Laura)
Empires of the Deep (Mermaid)
Assassin Next Door aka Kirot (Galia)
Centurion (Etain)
Tyranny (Mina Harud)
Quantum of Solace [22nd Eon James Bond film] / 
Quantum of Solace: the Video Game 
(Camille Montes Rivera)
Max Payne (Natasha Sax)
HitMan (Nika Boronina)
Suspectes aka Secrets (Eva Pirès)
Serpent aka Snake (Sofia)
Paris, je t'aime aka Paris, I Love You
"Quartier de la Madeleine" (Vampire)

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