Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tamlyn Naomi Tomita

Before becoming an actress, teen Tamlyn Naomi Tomita won the title of Queen of the Nisei Week Pageant in Los Angeles and Miss Nikkei International.
She made her acting debut in Karate Kid Part II. On the film she met long-time actress Nobu McCarthy, also a former beauty queen. The veteran actress became a role model, mentor and close friend to Tamlyn, making it especially difficult when, in 2002, Nobu passed away unexpectedly while the two performers were shooting Gaijin 2 on location in Brazil.
Tamlyn's noted for playing emotionally-intense, conflicted, characters.


Had she continued in the role of Laurel Takashima on Babylon 5, it would have been revealed that she was the Psi Corps "sleeper agent" responsible for the attempted assassination of Ambassador Kosh in the pilot. (Instead, the actual assassin was revealed as a guest-star character, and the idea of making a regular character a mind-controlled agent was transferred to Talia Winters.)
It's implied that Dr. Linda Kimura in Criminal Minds "Amplification" is actually Dr. Kimberly Shiroma from Burning Zone, including her knowledge of covert biological experiments and the line "It's been years since I've worn one of these!" (referring to a hazmat suit).
She's currently on Law & Order:LA as the resident medical examiner.  UPDATE: the series has been cancelled.  Bummer.
Genre appearances include...
Law & Order: LA (Medical Examiner Nishizawa)
Tekken (Jun Kazama)
Mentalist "BloodShot"
CSI: Miami "Seeing Red"
Criminal Minds "Amplification" (Dr. Linda Kimura)
The Eye [2008] (Mrs. Cheung)
Heroes (Ishi Nakamura)
Stargate SG-1 / Stargate Atlantis (Ambassador Shen Xiaoyi)
Womens' Murder Club "Maybe Baby"
24 (Jenny Dodge)
Eureka (Kim Anderson/Kim Anderson Clone)
Pandemic (Melissa Lo)
Threat Matrix "Under the Gun"
The Shield "Pilot"
The Agency (Elizabeth)
FreakyLinks "Subject: the Final Word"
JAG (Lt. Cmdr. Tracy Manetti)
James Bond 007: NightFire [VG] (Makiko Hayashi)
Highlander "Samurai"
Day After Tomorrow (Janet Tokada)
Runaway Virus (Monique Chao)
Robot Stories (Marcia)
Burning Zone (Dr. Kimberly Shiroma)
Babylon 5 "The Gathering" (Lieutenant Commander Laurel Takashima)
Last Man on Planet Earth (Agent Kara Hastings)
Killing Jar (Diane Sanford)
Murder She Wrote "Death in Hawaii"
Vanishing Son (Lan Chi)
Time Trax "Return of the Yakuza"
Quantum Leap "Temptation Eyes: February 1, 1985"
Raven (Kim Tanaka)
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