Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Even if all she ever did was appear as the beautiful assassin in the pre-credits sequence of The World is Not Enough, Maria Grazia Cucinotta would have assured herself of a prominent place in the hearts of Fantastic Femmes fans!
But, she's done so much more than that...
Best known to non-genre audiences as the female lead in the award-winning Il Postino aka The PostMan, she's not only a versatile actress, equally adept at comedy or drama, but also a screenwriter, producer, and popular spokesmodel!
Genre appearances include...
The Rite (Unknown)
Coffin "Awakening" (Allison)
Museum of Wonders (GrandMother)
Inferno Below (Santina)
Stregati Dalla Luna (Miria)
The World is Not Enough (Giulietta da Vinci aka Cigar Girl)
Day of the Beast (Susana)
Solomon (Abishag)
The Simpsons "The Italian Bob" (Francesca Terwilliger)

Check out...
Maria's Official WebSite (in Italian, but there's lots of pics!)

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