Monday, November 15, 2010

Linda Park

Most of Linda's work has been genre films or tv! (Not that I'm complaining...)
Regular cast member on four series, three of which were genre.
And, in my opinion, she's one of the few reasons to watch the first three seasons of Enterprise! (The fourth, and final, season was actually pretty good!)
Linda's a tae kwan do black belt and gifted ballroom dancer, as well as the founder of the Underground Asylum theater company.
Genre appearances include...
House MD "The Fix"
Mentalist "BloodHounds"
Crash (Maggie Cheon)
Women's Murder Club (Denise Kwon)
Raines (Sally Lance)
Spectres aka Soul Survivor (Renee Hansen)
Enterprise / Star Trek: Enterprise
(Hoshi Sato/Empress Sato the First)
Taken (Party Goer)
Jurassic Park III(Hannah)
Check out...
Linda's Official WebSite
The Linda Park FanSite

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  1. a Star Trek fan I really love this a lot. :-) Thanks very much for posting her. ^_^


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