Monday, November 1, 2010

Elise Neal

Equally-adept at drama or comedy, Elise's first ongoing prime-time series role (after a stint on the soap Loving and numerous tv guest-apperances) was on SeaQuest DSV's revamp into SeaQuest 2032 as the ship's underwater fighter squadron commander.
She's best-known as Yvonne, wife and mother to The Hughleys on the sitcom of the same name.
(Trivia: she played a convincing teenager in the tv-movie Daddy's Girl when she was 30!)
Genre appearances include:
Jack and Janet Save the Planet (Christie)
K-Ville(Ayana Boulet)
CSI "Bodies in Motion"
A.U.S.A. "Pilot"
Mission to Mars(Debra Graham)
Fantasy Island [1998] "WishBoned"
Scream 2(Hallie McDaniel)
SeaQuest 2032(Lt. J.J. Fredricks)
PointMan "Take the Point"
Law & Order "Cradle to Grave"

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