Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vanessa Ferlito

Best known for her genre work in GrindHouse, 24, and the CSI franchise, Brooklyn-born Vanessa Ferlito has also done comedy (Madea Goes to Jail), and is currently in the new film drama Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps!
Trivia: though she's Italian-American, Vanessa often plays Hispanic-named or accented characters!
She's worked with fellow Fantastic Femme Rosario Dawson on three films: GrindHouse (She didn't have any scenes together with Rosario), 25th Hour, and Descent!
Genre appearances include...
24 (Claudia Hernandez)
(Arlene aka ButterFly)
(Detective Aiden Burn)
Sopranos (Tina Francesco)
Spider-Man 2 (Louise)

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