Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twins (Charlene Choi & Gillian Chung)

A multiple-award winning CantoPop singing duo, The Twins (Charlene Choi & Gillian Chung) are also a pair of gifted actresses who have done numerous films both separately and together. (Curiously, they don't sing in movies where they appear together!)
Besides their singing and acting talents, both women are capable action heroines, doing convincing fight scenes with panache and style.

They've starred in a trilogy of "official" Twins films, playing different characters in each one.
In addition, each flick is a different genre (Vampire / horror, historical fantasy, contemporary action) with a heavy emphasis on martial arts action!

The duo split in 2008 after a scandal involving nude photos of Gillian and actor Edison Chen, with Charlene going solo.
The pair reunited for several live concerts in Hong Kong earlier this year, with a new tour under discussion.

Trivia: The Twins are the advertising spokesmodels for the MicroSoft XBox 360 game in Asia!

Genre appearances ([T] indicates both Charlene & Gillian appear in film) include...
Charlene Choi
Storm Warriors(Second Dream)
Naraka 19[T] (Wendy)
Twins Mission[T] (Jade)
Rob-B-Hood(Pak Yin)
New Police Story(Sa Sa)
Hidden Heroes(Chan Mei Ling)
House of Fury[T] (Ella)
Twins Effect II aka Huadu Chronicles: Blade of the Rose[T]
(13th Young Master)
Fantasia [T] (Chopstick Sister)
Death Curse[T] (Nancy)
Twins Effect aka Vampire Effect[T]
Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra [T] [2002]
(Ji Lan)
Heroes in Love (Charlene)

Gillian Chung
Just Another Pandora's Box(Sun Shangxiang)
Spirit of the Sword(Unknown)
Naraka 19[T] (Rain)
Twins Mission[T] (Pearl)
49 Days(Siu Chin)
House of Fury[T] (Natalie Yue)
Twins Effect II aka Huadu Chronicles: Blade of the Rose[T]
(Blue Bird)
Fantasia [T] (Chopstick Sister)
Moving Targets(Wing)
Death Curse[T] (Linda)
Spy Dad (Cream)
Twins Effect aka Vampire Effect[T]
Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain(Cheng Lingsu)
Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra [T] [2002]
(Ji Mei)
U-Man (Candy)

Check out...
The Twins' Official Hong Kong WebSite
The Twins' Official China WebSite

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