Saturday, September 4, 2010

Karina Lombard

Born in Tahiti, Karina moved to Europe where she became fluent Spanish, English, Italian, French, and German along with extensive training in performing arts while attending private schools.
After turning 18, she relocated to New York where she began modeling, dancing and acting, on both stage and screen.
Note: Since she's multi-lingual, Karina has appeared in numerous productions in Italy and France that have not aired in the US. (Our loss!)
Like several other Fantastic Femmes including Jennifer Beals, and Pam Grier, Karina has been a regular on the award-winning cable series The L Word.
Currently, she's appearing on the acclaimed cable series Rescue Me. as well as developing a project (which she's writing the music and lyrics for) with Cirque de Soleil.
Genre appearances include...
The 4400 (Alana Mareva)
Suspectes aka Secrets (Claude Perkins)
CSI "A La Cart"
Guardian (Ketherine Kross)
Deception (Margareth)
Murder at the Cannes Film Festival (Inspector Renee Reno)
Seventh Scroll (Royan)
Violent Earth (Anna Temaru)
Last Man Standing (Felina)
FootSteps aka Expose (Amber Collins)

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