Monday, September 20, 2010

Jennifer Lynn Connelly (Bettany)

The Oscar-winning actress is best known to genre fans as the visual reincarnation of Bettie Page in The Rocketeer (the character's name was changed from the comic's "Betty" to "Jenny" for legal reasons).
Incredibly versatile, she's done work in literally every film genre from romantic comedy (He's Just Not That Into You) to film noir (Mulholland Falls) to psychodrama (Requiem for a Dream) to sci-fi / fantasy!
Genre appearances include...
The Day the Earth Stood Still[2008] (Dr. Helen Benson)
Dark Water[2006] (Dahlia Williams)
Hulk(Betty Ross)
Dark City(Emma Murdock / Anna)
Mulholland Falls(Allison Pond)
The Rocketeer(Jenny Blake)
Heart of Justice(Emma Burgess)
Etoile (Claire Hamilton / Natalie Horvath)
Phenomena(Jennifer Corvino)
Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected "Stranger in Town"
Check out...
The Jennifer Connelly Center
Jennifer Connelly.Org
Other actresses to play Betty Ross include...
Nicole Oliver in Hulk vs Wolverine / Hulk vs Thor / Next Avengers
Rhiannon Leigh Wynn in Hulk (Betty as a child [Jennifer played the adult Betty])
Liv Tyler in Incredible Hulk [2007]
Nan McNamara in Ultimate Avengers / Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Black Panther
Genie Francis [1996] and Philice Sampler [1997] in Incredible Hulk [1996-97]
B.J. Ward in Incredible Hulk [1983]
Peg Dixon in Marvel SuperHeroes: Incredible Hulk

Other actresses to play Helen Benson include...
Patricia Neal in The Day the Earth Stood Still[1951]
Jean Peters in Lux Radio Theatre "The Day the Earth Stood Still" [1954]

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