Thursday, June 3, 2010

Puffy AmiYumi (Ami Onuki & Yumi Yoshimura)

I know they're not actresses, per se, but, it's my blog, they fit into the Femmes Fantastique theme with the animation connection, and I had a couple of pix I wanted to share...
Known as "Puffy" in Asia, Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura are incredibly-popular J-Pop singing idols who first achieved fame in America performing the catchy theme to the animated Teen Titans series.

Genre credits include...
Yumi Yoshimura

(Ami Onuki & Yumi Yoshimura)
Mohohan: Copycat Killer
(actresses in commercial Dendou-Jitensha
[commercial within the movie's narrative] )
Hi! Hi! Puffy AmiYumi!
(appear as themselves in opening and closing live-action vignettes)
Teen Titans
(perform series theme song, appear in music video)

Check out...
Puffy AmiYumi's Official Japanese website
Puffy AmiYumi's Official US website
Sony Music's Puffy website
On the series Hi! Hi! Puffy AmiYumi!, the cartoon Ami is voiced by Janice Kawaye, the animated Yumi by Grey DeLisele.

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  1. Puffy AmiYumi will be performing in NYC on 10/10 at Irving Plaza. Tickets are available at Hope to see you there!


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