Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jennifer O'Dell

Jennifer O'Dell started acting at the age of 8 and did a range of commercials, tv guest appearances and minor film roles until her early 20s.
Jennifer finally secured a starring role as the scantly-clad Veronica in the tv version of The Lost World playing a character not in the original novel or any prevous tv or film version! (And, IMHO, she was the best thing about the series, easily outshining the cheesy "special effects"!)
Since the show's never-resolved cliffhanger demise, she's been doing guest shots on everything from comedies like Two and a Half Men to genre shows as well as featured roles in a variety of movies, usually scantly-clad (not that I'm complaining).

Trivia: She's actually a brunette, but most of her roles (including Veronica) show her as blonde.

Genre appearances include...
Saving Sarah Cain aka Redemption of Sarah Cain
(Madison Miller)
Lost Gold of Khan (Carla)
Black Widow (Natalie)
NCIS "In the Zone"
Nevermore (Lydia Usher)
CSI: NY "The Ride In"
Shark "Teacher's Pet"
Slayer aka Mexferatu Mexico (Dr. Laurie Williams)
CSI: Miami "Nailed"
The Closer "About Face"
She Spies "Wedding of the Century"
Charmed "A Long Day's Journey into Night"
Angel "City of Angels"
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's the Lost World
(Veronica Layton / Abigail Layton [Veronica's Mother])
Point Doom (Stephanie)
Diagnosis: Murder "Dead in the Water"
Sometimes They Come Back...for More (Mary)
Pacific Blue "Seduced"
Profiler "Every Five Minutes"
Silk Stalkings (Kimberly Snow)
Renegade (Linda)
A Spasso nel Tempo: L'avventura Continua (Salon Girl)

Check out...
Jennifer's Official WebSite
Jennifer's MySpace Page
JenniferODell.org, a FanPage

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