Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aimee Garcia

Most recently appearing in the new movie Go For It, where she does all her own dancing, Aimee gained fame doing comedy as a regular on several tv series including The George Lopez Show, where a guest-stint turned into a regular role until the series ended!
Nonetheless, she's done considerable genre work including all three CSI series (as different characters) and the acclaimed (but unsold) tv adaptation of the graphic novel Global Frequency, and is now appearing on Dexter!
Genre appearances include...
Dexter (Jamie Batista)
7eventy 5ive aka Dead Tone (Jody Walters)
Trauma (EMT Pilot Marissa Benez)
Dragon Wars aka D-War aka War of the Dragons (Brandy)
Global Frequency [unsold pilot] (Aleph)
D.E.B.S. [2004] (Maria)
BetaVille (Ruby Derain)
StandOff "Severance"
Cruel World (Gina)
Bones "The Science in the Physicist"
CSI: Miami "Won't Get Fueled Again"
CSI: New York "City of the Dolls"
CSI "Big Shots"
The Agency (HouseKeeper)
Supernatural "Jus in Bello"
V.I.P. "The Uncle from V.A.L"
Angel "Birthday"

Check out...
Aimee's Official Site
C'mon guys! There are NO FanSites for this amazing lady???

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