Monday, May 17, 2010

Jasika Nicole IS Astrid Farnsworth...BOTH of Them!

I'm hooked on JJ Abrams' Fringe!
One of the best-written and acted shows of the past decade.
John Noble as Walter Bishop is an absolute delight to watch in action. Never a dull moment with that guy!
And the season finales with the alternate universe...WOW!
(JJ does have a thing for alternate realities. Think he's gonna tie in Star Trek and LOST into a potential multiverse?)
But there's a mystery even more elusive than ZFT!
Why doesn't Agent Astrid Farnsworth get MORE screen time in Season One?
Jasika Nicole is an extremely-talented actress who easily holds her own on-screen with Noble, Joshua Jackson, and Anna Torv!
C'mon Abrams, give her some time outside the lab!
At least let her shoot somebody! :-)
Well, Season Two did get her out of the lab, and with the intro of Alternate Astrid,
things are developing for Jasika in Season Three! Yay!

Trivia: She's an amazingly-talented illustrator as well, as you'll see when you go to her homepage.
The previous tv series she was a regular cast member of, Return of Jezebel James, was canceled after only three episodes aired. The four remaining episodes were released on iTunes in 2008.
Genre appearances include...
(Agent Astrid Farnsworth / Alternate Astrid Farnsworth)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent/Law & Order: Criminal Intent[VG] (Gisella)

Check out...
SpinOff Online Interview about Season 2 finale and Season 3!
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