Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Angel Coulby

A trend in films and tv series has been what some call "Smallvillization", revamping a concept by doing the characters as teenagers / young adults, before they grow into the better-known adult versions.
Since in most cases, we already know what will eventually happen to them, it offers the chance to see how they became the iconic characters we know! (Occasionally taking startlingly-different turns from what we thought we knew!)
Sometimes it works (Smallville, Star Trek[2009])
Sometimes it's so-so (Robin Hood[2006-08], Young Hercules)
Sometimes it hurls chunks (Flash Gordon[2007], Lone Ranger [2003])
One of the good things to come out of this has been "color-blind" re-casting of supporting characters, such as Asian-Canadian Kristen Kreuk as the usually red-headed Lana Lang.
In the case of Merlin, a BBC series retelling the legend of Camelot, which had a summer run on NBC and is currenly running new eps on SyFy, it introduced Americans to a talented, beautiful actress in the role of Guinevere, the future queen of Camelot--Angel Coulby!
Interestingly, all the listings I've found have listed her ancestry as "mixed", so I don't know if I should call her "African-Anglo" "Caribbean-Anglo" or whatever!
(For the record, I'm "German-Irish-American".)

Beyond a quick appearance on an episode of Doctor Who, we Colonials haven't seen anything of the lovely lady. Hopefully, this series will give her the American attention she deserves...
Genre appearances include...
Merlin[2008-Present] (Guinevere aka Gwen)
Doctor Who"Girl in the Fireplace" (Katherine)
M.I.T. Murder Investigation Team "Episode 2.1'
Check out...
Angel Coulby Online (FanSite)
May 2010 Interview with Angel on SpinOff Online
Interview with Angel Coulby on BBC website
Other actresses to play Guinevere include...
There's almost four dozen of them including Keira Knightley, Lena Headley, Vanessa Redgrave, Julie Andrews, and Ava Gardner listed on the Internet Movie DataBase!

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