Friday, April 23, 2010

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (Noa / Judd / Anthony)

Your first thought is "Jennifer Lopez's done action / sci-fi / fantasy?"
While most of her films (including the newest one The Back-Up Plan) are, indeed, fantasies, they're romance fantasies.
But, JLo's done some true genre work (and done it well)!
And, truth to tell, I miss the sassy hot-body dancer of her In Living Color "Fly Girl" days...
Bus, she'll soon be back on Fox as a judge on American Idol!

Genre appearances include...
The Cell(Katherine Deane)
Money Train(Grace Santiago)
U Turn(Grace McKenna)
Anaconda(Terri Flores)
Out of Sight(Karen Sisco)
Angel Eyes(Sharon Pogue)

Check out...
JLOBronx (FanSite)

Other actresses to play Karen Sisco include...
Carla Gugino in Karen Sisco

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