Friday, April 9, 2010

Holly Elizabeth Robinson Peete

Everyone has at least one turkey in their careers.
In the case of Holly Robinson Peete, it was a duck--Howard the Duck.
Happily, her next gig, as Judy Hoffs on 21 Jump Street, was far more successful both artistically and financially, running five years, and allowing her to show off her acting range (comedy, drama, action) and her singing voice, performing in several episodes as well as doing the show's theme!
Since then, she's done mostly comedy as a regular in several series including Hangin with Mr Cooper (she also performed the show's theme with Dawnn Lewis and En Vogue) and For Your Love.
She also played (and sang) Diana Ross in Jacksons: an American Dream!
Trivia: Her father is actor Matt Robinson, the original "Gordon" on Sesame Street! (And, Holly appeared in the show's first episode!)
Genre appearances include...
Killers in the House (Jennie Sawyer)
Pacific Blue "Soft Targets"
Gabriel's Fire "Belly of the Beast"
Touched by an Angel "Smokescreen"
21 Jump Street / Booker / 21 Jump Street (2012) (Officer [later Detective] Judy Hoffs)
Howard the Duck (K.C. / performer: [as member of "Cherry Bomb"] "Hunger City", "Don't Turn Away (Reprise)", "It Don't Come Cheap", "Howard the Duck")

Check out...
Holly's MySpace Page

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