Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alexandra L Doig (Shanks)

It's interesting how many actresses end up doing primarily genre work.
Lexa Doig, seems to pop up as a regular or semi-regular in most of the genre series produced in Canada since 1996!
Not that I'm complaining, mind you! If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have bothered with Andromeda after the first season...
Genre appearances include...
V [2010] (Dr Leah Pearlman)
FireBall (Ava)
Ba'al the Storm God(Pena)
Eureka(Dr. Anne Young)
Stargate SG-1(Dr. Carolyn Lam)
The 4400(Wendy Paulson)
Jason X(Rowan)
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
(Image / Voice of Andromeda Ascendant [the ship],
Rommie the android avatar,
and several other android avatars)
Earth: Final Conflict"Abduction"
FX: the Series "French Kiss"
CI-5: the New Professionals(Tina Backus)
Teen Sorcery (Mercedes)
Second Sight (Jenny Morris)
Flash Gordon[1996, animated] (Dale Arden)
Human Cargo (Rachel Saunders)
Tracker (Kim Chang)
Killer Instinct (Doctor)
While My Pretty One Sleeps (Tse Tse)
TekWar: the Movie, TekLords, TekWar: the Series(CowGirl)
No Alibi (Camile)
The Hidden Room "Marion & Jean"
Other actresses to play Dale Arden include...
Jean Rogers: Flash Gordon[1936] / Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars[1938]
Carol Hughes: Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe[1940]
Irene Champlain: Flash Gordon [1954-55]
Diane Pershing: Flash Gordon: the Greatest Adventure of All / Flash Gordon[1979-81]
Melody Anderson: Flash Gordon [1980]
Gina Holden: Flash Gordon[2008]
I've been unable to ascertain who played Dale in radio's the Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon. I've found credits for three different actresses, and until I can confim the info, I'll leave it open...

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