Friday, March 12, 2010

Jessica Marie Alba (Warren)

For our first entry, I present the fanboy favorite Fantastic Femme...Jessica Marie Alba!
As an action performer, she's competent. Has done stunts whenever feasible.
As an actress, she's vastly improved from her days on The Secret Life of Alex Mack.
Enjoys doing physical comedy (even when the script is truly awful as in Good Luck Chuck)!
And please, no more bombs like The Love Guru!!! Even with her in it, it's unwatchable!
Genre appearances include...
Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World (Marissa Cortez Wilson)
Machete (Sartana)
Killer Inside Me(Joyce Lakeland)
Dark Angel / Dark Angel: the Video Game(Max Guevera aka X5-452)
The Eye(Sydney Wells)
Awake(Samantha Lockwood aka Sam)
The Ten(Elizabeth Ann Blazer)
Fantastic Four/Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer/Fantastic Four: the Video Game (Invisible Woman aka Susan Storm-Richards)
Sin City/Sin City 2 (Nancy Callahan)
Idle Hands(Molly)
Flipper(Maya Graham)
For the record; appearances where she's skimpily-attired...
The Eye
Good Luck Chuck
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Fantastic Four

Sin City
Into the Blue (literally the whole movie)
Sleeping Dictionary (double used for nude scene)
Dark Angel (several episodes, and no, I'm not going to list them)
Idle Hands

Other actresses to play Invisible Woman / Invisible Girl aka Susan Storm-Richards...
Fantastic 4 [1967] Jo Ann Pflug
The Fantastic Four[1978] Ginny Tyler
The Fantastic Four[1994] Rebecca Staab (adult) Mercedes McNabb (child) [live-action film, never officially released]
Marvel Action Hour: Fantastic Four[1996-97] Silver Surfer [1998] Lori Alan
Spider-Man[1996] Gail Matthius
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes[2007] Lara Gilchrist
Video Games: Danica McKellar, Erin Matthews, Grey DeLisele

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