Monday, January 31, 2011

Workin' Out with the Women of Cleopatra 2525

To wind up the month, we're going to present some rare pix of Fantastic Femmes.
Today it's the half-naked trio from Cleo...Cleopatra 2525, that is!
Jennifer Sky (Cleopatra) in black, Gina Torres (Hel) in blue, and Victoria Pratt (Sarge) in red.
Well, they had to keep in shape somehow! Get your mind out of the gutter...

Friday, January 28, 2011

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There's a kool variety of products ranging from his-and-her garb to mugs and mousepads to messenger and tote bags to blank sketchbooks!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Miriam Soto (Mandylor/Bratt)

Talisa landed her first modeling assignment at the age of 15 doing catalog work!
After being told she was "too Latina" for fashion modeling, she went to Europe, where she graced the covers of most of the major fashion magazines.
When she returned to the US, her modeling (both high fashion and swimsuit including Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues) and acting careers took off, and she worked steadily for over a decade.
After marrying actor Benjamin Bratt and having two children, she went into semi-retirement.
Genre appearances include...
La Mission (Ana)
Island of the Dead (Melissa O'Keefe)
Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever (Vinn aka Rayne )
C16: FBI (Rosemary Vargas)
Mortal Kombat / Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
(Princess Kitana)
Spy Hard [listed in credits as "Desiree More"]
(Seductress in Hotel Room)
Vampirella (Vampirella aka Ella)
License to Kill [17th Eon James Bond film]
(Lupe Lamora)
Sunchaser (Navajo Woman)
Silhouette (Marianna Herrera)
Check out...
the UnOfficial Talisa Soto Page
Other actresses to play Princess Kitana include...
Cree Summer in the animated Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm
Note: two actresses played Kitana in the Mortal Kombat: Conquest live-action tv series--Dara Tomanovich and Audie England. HERE'S the list of actresses who've voiced Kitana in the video games.
Other actresses to play Vampirella include...
Barbara Leigh in the unproduced 1975 Vampirella film from Hammer Studios.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ivana Baquero Macías

Looks sweet and innocent, doesn't she?
However, most of multi-award-winning Spanish actress Ivana Baquero's acting career had been in genre films, primarily horror!
Her next genre appearance will be her first American-produced film; New Daughter, with Kevin Costner!
Genre appearances include...
New Daughter (Louisa James)
Pan's Labyrinth (Ofelia aka Princess Moanna)
Rottweiler (Esperanza)
Fragile (Patient)

Check out...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Call Her Miss Masque...Call Her Masquerade!

Debuting in Exciting Comics #51, Miss Masque was another of the line of rich socialites-turned-masked crimefighters in the Golden Age which included The Shadow, The Batman, and The Green Hornet!
Diana Adams had no superpowers or abilities, just her keen deductive mind and a pair of .45 automatics. And, unlike her male contemporaries, she didn't have a sidekick or aides!
Clad in bright red cape, mini-dress, gloves, and slouch hat, she pursued criminals and saboteurs thru several issues of Exciting Comics, appearing on the cover only once (#53) during her run, before transferring over to America's Best Comics, where she teamed up (on the covers) with other heroes, most notably The Black Terror, even though they didn't appear together inside the comic! (They all had seperate strips!)
Also, she seemed to lose parts of her wardrobe when she changed homes, as her fedora disappeared along with the midriff of her costume (see left), making her predate the trailer-trash look of Britney Spears by decades! (Maybe it was her summer ensemble!)
When superheroes faded away after the end of World War II, so did Miss Masque.
Since the 1990s, she's been revived by several publishers, most notably, by writer Alan Moore of Watchmen fame in DC Comics' America's Best Comics imprint (ironic, eh?), and artist Alex Ross in Dynamite Entertainment's Project SuperPowers series as well as a mini-series under her new code-name of Masquerade!
In this revival, she's part of a trio of  psychically-linked, red-garbed superheroines (including The Woman in Red and Lady Satan) called The Scarlet Sisters!
We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ have also "revived" Miss Masque / Masquerade by digitally-restoring and remastering several of her best Golden Age cover appearances (including her first) on a line of t-shirts, mugs, and even calendars as part of our Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ line of kool kollectibles!

She was a woman ahead of her time...but her time has finally come!

PS: Pick up the Project SuperPowers and Masquerade comics! They're the best Golden Age revival books out there!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

María José de Pablo Fernández Redux

The single most popular Fantastic Femme of all time, she's well worth a second (and third, and fourth) look, eh?
Why Cote doesn't get more media attention is beyond me.
One of the hottest women on tv, and all she gets is the occasional "oh, here's Mark Harmon's co-star" piece!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Even if all she ever did was appear as the beautiful assassin in the pre-credits sequence of The World is Not Enough, Maria Grazia Cucinotta would have assured herself of a prominent place in the hearts of Fantastic Femmes fans!
But, she's done so much more than that...
Best known to non-genre audiences as the female lead in the award-winning Il Postino aka The PostMan, she's not only a versatile actress, equally adept at comedy or drama, but also a screenwriter, producer, and popular spokesmodel!
Genre appearances include...
The Rite (Unknown)
Coffin "Awakening" (Allison)
Museum of Wonders (GrandMother)
Inferno Below (Santina)
Stregati Dalla Luna (Miria)
The World is Not Enough (Giulietta da Vinci aka Cigar Girl)
Day of the Beast (Susana)
Solomon (Abishag)
The Simpsons "The Italian Bob" (Francesca Terwilliger)

Check out...
Maria's Official WebSite (in Italian, but there's lots of pics!)

Miss Masque Collectibles

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