Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gabrielle Monique Union

Recently grabbed fanboy attention for her co-starring roles in FlashForward, and the re-imagined Night Stalker series.
Does drama, comedy, and action well.
Played Alice Kramden in the film remake of The Honeymooners, and has done animation voice work on Family Guy and The Proud Family.
Genre appearances include...
FlashForward (Zoey Andata)
Life (Detective Jane Seever)
The Box (Detective Cris Romano)
Perfect Holiday (Nancy)
Night Stalker [2005-06] (Perri Reed)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (N'Garen)
Bad Boys II (Syd)
Cradle 2 the Grave (Daria)
Ride or Die (Masked Woman)
The Others [tv series] (Lindsay)
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Gabrielle's MySpace page

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lacey Nicole Chabert

Though she started out as a singer on Star Search, Lacey quickly discovered a talent for acting and made it her primary career.
She appeared on Broadway in Les Miserables, then moved to daytime tv on All My Children, then to prime-time on Party of Five, playing her best-known role; Claudia Salinger.
Since then, she's done quite a bit of animation voice work, including Meg Griffin on Family Guy's first season and Gwen Stacy on Spectacular Spider-Man, as well as a variety of featured movie roles and tv guest appearances.
Genre appearances include...
The Lost (Jane)
Spectacular Spider-Man (Gwen Stacy)
Chaotic (Krystella)
RayMan: the Animated Series (Betina)
Ghost Whisperer "Love Still Won't Die"
Black Christmas [2006] (Dana Mathis)
Family Guy [1999-2000] (Meg Griffin)
Lost in Space [1998] (Penny Robinson)
American Dragon: Jake Long (Jasmine)
Disney's Hercules "Hercules and the Kids"
When Secrets Kill (Jenny Newhall)
Ahhh!!! Real Monsters (Tiffany)
Disney's Gargoyles (Bobbi Porter)

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LaceyRealm (FanSite)
Other actresses to play Meg Griffin include...
Rachel MacFarlane in Family Guy "Death Has a Shadow" (Pilot)
Mila Kunis in Family Guy[2000-Present]
Tara Strong (singing voice) in Family Guy

Other actresses to play Gwen Stacy include...
Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3
Mary Kay Bergman in Spider-Man [1998]

Other actresses to play Penny Robinson include...
Angela Cartwright in Lost in Space [1965-68]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Freema Agyeman

Going from Doctor Who to Dickens and back again was a snap for award-winning actress Freema Agyeman.
She started on the British soap opera CrossRoads, movied on to guest-star roles on prime-time series, and landed the role of the Tenth Doctor Who's companion (after guest starring as another character) all within a four-year span!
Talk about meteoric!
In addition, she appeared in the acclaimed BBC production of Charles Dickens' Little Doritt (as Tattycoram) and a remake of the 1970s post-apocalyptic tv series Survivors!
She's also done Doctor Who and Torchwood audiobooks and animation voice work (on Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest).
Currently, she's starring as Crown Prosecutor / Solictor Advocate Alesha Phillips (equivalent to an American assistant district attorney) on Law & Order: UK. but it's a fair bet she'll show up somewhere in the Whoverse before too long...
Trivia: Freema is a spokesperson for Divine Chocolate, an ethical corporation that helps Ghanaian cocoa farmers make a fair living.
Genre appearances include...
Law & Order: UK
(Crown Prosecutor and Solicitor Advocate Alesha Phillips)
Survivors [2008] (Jenny Walsh)
Bizarre ER (Narrator)
Doctor Who / Torchwood / Infinite Quest
(Dr Martha Jones-Smith / Adeola Oshodi [Martha's cousin])
The Bill (Shakira Washington)
Silent Witness (Mary Odgen)

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Freema (FanSite)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vampirella LIVES!

Before Twilight!
Before True Blood!
Before Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
Before Blade!
There was…Vampirella!

Dynamite Entertainment (Project SuperPowers, Green Hornet) has acquired the Vampirella property from Harris Publications.

Vampirella debuted in 1969 in a black & white magazine titled simply Vampirella.
Initially, she was just the hostess of various horror stories, much like EC's Crypt Keeper or DC's Cain and Abel, but much cuter!
In Vampirella #9, the character received her own strip, with the first tale being (what else?) her origin story!
Vampirella has been around since then in both b/w and color comics form from Warren and then Harris Publications, remaining one of the most popular female and/or vampire characters in comics!
In addition, there was a series of paperback novels by Ron Goulart, adapting the comics storylines into prose!
There was even a Vampirella feature film starring Talisa Soto as the Draculonian, now available on dvd.

We wish her a long and prosperous un-life at Dynamite!

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